Being Radiant in Everyday Life…Even at the Grocery Store


Prior to meeting my fiancé, I struggled a lot with the concept of whether or not I should wait for Prince Charming to come and save me. As a child as I listened to the fairy tales – Rapunzel, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc., they all offered hope that a prince would come for me. Then, as I matured I was given the message that I should not to wait for the prince to save me.  Instead I was told to be a strong, independent woman. These two conflicting messages were confusing.  With time I realized I did not need saving. Saving implied that I was weak, incompetent or insufficient without a man in my life; none of which were or are true. Instead, I just wanted the prince to come and find me. After all, I had been waiting a long time for him!

However, first, in order to attract at healthy and available man, I had to I shift my perspective to value and honor myself by recognizing that I was the prize that a man would receive if I chose to let him into my life. What an empowering change in my point of view!

With such a change in perspective comes confidence. However, once you are clear that you are the prize and that a man would be fortunate to be with you, it is necessary to send out the energetic announcement of who you are and that you are available and magnificent.

But when and how? Let’s face it. We all have full and busy schedules, so when do you send out this message that you are available? As you go about your daily activities. Yes, even while doing those mundane activities such as going to the grocery store.

I will be the first to admit that I am guilty of not radiating at the grocery store if I don’t consciously choose to do so. Often I go to the grocery store after being at the office all day and therefore because I am tired and hungry I try to get in and get out as fast as possible. In the past I would avoid connecting with people around me because I didn’t want to get distracted as I tossed kale, almonds, eggs, and other items into my cart and checked them off my list. In my tired, hurried state I was definitely not radiating! To begin radiating more I slowed down, made eye contact, and smiled at the people around me. I appreciated the bountiful produce. I let the woman with the baby heading for the same checkout line I was approaching go in front of me. I breathed into my belly, rolled my shoulders back and exhaled joy through my heart. When I did this the person at the checkout inevitably smiled and genuinely said, “How are you?” while scanning my groceries. Suddenly by shining my radiance I was receiving appreciation and energy in return, which felt great.

You can transform a trip to the grocery store, a benign and sometimes boring experience, into an occasion to practice shining. Don’t put pressure on yourself by trying to figure out how to shine and what shining feels like to you just before a date. Practice shining in your daily activities and it will become second nature. Plus, you never know who you might meet at the grocery store if you are in a radiant and receptive state!

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