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Fabulously Feminine: 5 Secrets Every Woman Must Learn to Enjoy Intimacy and Lasting Sizzle in Their Relationship

Fabulously Feminine is a program designed both for women who are single and hoping to attract an amazing, satisfying relationship; and for women long to rekindle the spark they once experienced in their relationship.


This program is for you if you feel anxious or frustrated about how to attract a conscious, committed relationship, with a man who will cherish you. It is also helpful if you lack confidence in dating because your heart was broken in the past and you are wary about opening to love once again. For women in a relationship that is lacking passion or emotional intimacy, you will be supported in creating the juicy connection you once shared with your partner.

In Fabulously Feminine women rediscover their lost femininity. They learn how to use this energy to nurture themselves, have more pleasure in their life, and create the magnetism to attract and nourish a supportive and loving relationship. However, even the most loving relationships have moments of tension. Therefore this program also offers women new techniques for turning fights and emotional distance into connection and intimacy, using specific communication skills. The combination of using your femininity and effective, conscious communication skills that men respond to leads to new levels of happiness and comfort in your relationship.

In Fabulously Feminine you will learn:

  • How to reconnect with your Happily Ever After Relationship Vision and how to protect yourself, and your vision, from stress and other saboteurs.
  • To release the limiting beliefs keeping you from experiencing the relationship you want.
  • The importance of honoring yourself through exquisite self-care and why this adds zest to your relationship.
  • How to activate the inner “super hero” in your husband or partner who is EAGER to serve you!
  • The Fabulous Factor:  The art of flirting, basking and bringing sensuality back into your relationship.
  • Easy steps for transforming the time you spend together and moving from conflict to cuddles.

Enrollment in Fabulously Feminine: 5 Secrets Every Woman Must Learn to Enjoy an Intimate and Fulfilling Relationship is by application only and we can only accept a few applicants each year. Please contact us for an enrollment form (link to contact form).


Is A Rev Up The Romance Breakthrough Session Your Next Step?


Does one of these situations feel familiar to you?

  • Maybe you have a very clear vision in your mind of the relationship you would like to have but you are unsure about how to attract that relationship.
  • Perhaps you would like to have the relationship you have always dreamed of, but because you have not had a relationship for so long you are beginning to feel that maybe it is just “not in the cards”.
  • Maybe you have felt “burned” so many times by men that you are afraid to even try to have a relationship again.
  • Or you may feel that your relationship is flat, lonely, and could be better, but you don’t know what needs to be improved or how to make these changes happen.

Are you ready to have the relationship that makes your heart sing and brings a smile to your face as you go about your day? Not sure where to start?

A Rev Up The Romance Session is a helpful next step!

A Rev Up The Romance Session is a free, 30-minute opportunity for you to receive one-on-one guidance from me to gain clarity about what you need to have a successful and satisfying relationship. You will leave with specific steps that you can use, whether you are currently in a relationship or not, to move toward manifesting a magnificent relationship. To apply for this opportunity, click here.

I only have a few time spaces available in my schedule for Rev Up The Romance Breakthrough Sessions. If all spots are taken when you apply, you will be added to the waiting list.

I look forward to supporting you in having the romantic relationship of your dreams!

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