You Enjoy Professional Success

      You Express Yourself Creatively,

            And You Consciously Live Your Life

But Is The Romance, Connection

      And Intimacy You Desire Missing?

Dear Conscious, Creative and Successful Woman. . .

You’re in the right place!


As a heart-centered, intelligent woman, I know you have done a lot of hard work. You likely have achieved a satisfying level of professional success. Your career is on track and fulfilling.

You have great friends and an active social life. You are in good health and you eat well. You set intentions and strive to make conscious choices that are in alignment with your personal and spiritual values. Anyone looking at you would say that you have it all together.

But you may feel that something is not right, because a deeply satisfying, supportive and loving relationship is still missing from your life.

How many Friday evenings have you, maybe even somewhat reluctantly, ended up going out with colleagues for a drink after work or with the girls for dinner? Sure is it fun and feels better than staying home alone. But as you sat at a restaurant table with the tinkling of wine glasses and laughter filling the air, have you ever felt lonely? Have you looked out the restaurant window, seen a smiling couple walking hand in hand down the sidewalk and felt a longing tug to be that happy woman?


You may have come up with reasons why you are not dating or in a long-term lastingly happy romantic relationship

However, the problem is not that:

  • All the good men have been taken
  • It is too hard to find a conscious, spiritual, intelligent man
  • You are just “too picky”

The problem is that you have likely given so much to your career, family members, perhaps even your friends, that there is nothing left for you. You have been doing so much that you have become stuck in your masculine energy and your feminine energy has fallen by the wayside.

Working so hard for romantic success shouldn’t cost you so much.


The longing you feel for deep connection, satisfying communication, chemistry, and sparkle in a relationship is not too much to ask for.

You can have a relationship in which you:

  • Are deeply respected
  • Honored for the gifts you bring to this world.
  • Fully loved and cherished
  • Have fun and romance
  • Receive the support to grow and express yourself fully

In fact, in order to be all of who you are and to express yourself fully, having a masculine counter-part to hold and honor you as the Fabulous, Feminine Being that you are is essential!

You are meant to loved and adored in a way that allows you to shine your feminine brilliance.


You can create the romantic relationship you desire, when you discover how to …

  • Reconnect with your feminine energy
  • Leave stress at work
  • Relax and pamper yourself while becoming a magnet for a man’s affection
  • Communicate effectively instead of fighting or always feeling that you have to “give in”
  • Make romance a priority

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